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Demnwlf (17 KP)

Ttrgp player,scifi movie lover

Love D&D, now starting miniatures painting and terrain crafting. Avid follower of all things scifi. ...


Scott (2 KP)

Jack of all genres

I am an engineer by trade but a game, music, TV, book fan the rest of the time. I love getting into...


MachineDogg (3 KP)

Big geeky geek

I'm a life long gamer (video gamer, war gamer, board gamer, card gamer...the lot) who find himself...


Chris Lore (1 KP)

Major geek

I am a devoted husband, a father of 3, and I have many hobbies. I like to work with computers and...


Peter Russell (50 KP)

Board Game Collector and Game Master

I like tabletop board games. I started off with monopoly and risk, which both my brother and I...