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Grumpy Goblin (110 KP)

Board gamer and general geek

I work as a CG/VFX artist and am a massive animal lover, tabletop gamer and graphic novel fanatic. ...

Last Active: Aug 5, 2019

MachineDogg (14 KP)

Big geeky geek

I'm a life long gamer (video gamer, war gamer, board gamer, card gamer...the lot) who find himself...

Last Active: Mar 31, 2020 - 12:00 AM

Robin Gardner (7 KP)

Board Game Lover

I love to play board games of all genres. Cooperative games are my favourite.

Last Active: Jul 14, 2019

Jaxon Duke Peterson (2 KP)

Fantasy nerd

I'm a classic nerd and a stay at home dad which gives me plenty of time to waste reading fantasy and...

Last Active: Mar 6, 2019

Samuel Walton Pulley (0 KP)

Board game buff

All things board games I would love to see

Last Active: Mar 7, 2019