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kelsey (8 KP)

world's okays dm, junior tarot reader

Hey there, I'm Kelsey! I'm a lover of a litany of different hobbies, from reading, to writing, to...

Last Active: Jun 1, 2019

Rikki Hammond (31 KP)

Lover of Board Games

I'm a massive board and card game fan, along with fantasy novels, thriller movies and TV series.

Last Active: Jun 27, 2019

Robert Wolstenholme (1 KP)


I like to play games with my friends and I am always looking for new gamers to play.

Last Active: May 23, 2019

Ryan Lick (16 KP)

Movie Buff, Comic Collector, Table Top Gamer

Fan of eclectic arts and hobbies.

Last Active: Nov 16, 2019

Peter Shephard (948 KP)

General gamer

General nerdy gamer, prefer meeple placement or tile builders, or adventure/RPG from Agricola to...

Last Active: Jan 28, 2020 - 12:32 AM