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Xsom (1 KP)

Tabletop Geek

I am a fanatic tabletop gamer who likes to play all sorts of games during my spare time.


BadgerMuffin (48 KP)

Nerdy Gamer, RPG Player and Board Gamer!

I've been playing games since the age of 5, and I've recently rediscovered my love of RPG's and...


kelsey (8 KP)

world's okays dm, junior tarot reader

Hey there, I'm Kelsey! I'm a lover of a litany of different hobbies, from reading, to writing, to...


Karmaqueen84 (5 KP)

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek. I can usually be found in a corner with knitting needles...


Ross (25 KP)

Board Game Enthusiast

I have been playing board games, watching films and playing video games since before the Internet. I...


Mike (5 KP)


In the mericless world of rating, I am a gamer (board and video). Occasionally, a good book will...


Demnwlf (17 KP)

Ttrgp player,scifi movie lover

Love D&D, now starting miniatures painting and terrain crafting. Avid follower of all things scifi. ...