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Sarah (3622 KP)

Daydreamer, Film Geek & Book Worm

I'm an avid reader and huge film geek with a Cineworld Unlimited card, albeit with very discerning...


Jenn C (321 KP)

Entertain Me

Give me a book, a movie, a TV show or a fanfic and I’m happy.


Sarah (2 KP)

Craft read movies TV Podcasts board games Zelda

I'm a busy mom to 4 unique and amazing teenagers. I enjoy reading any and all sorts of books,...


Ashley (5 KP)

Mom. Wife.

I would love to be able to stay at home with my babies. There are things I would love to do, and I...


Luckadoo (1 KP)

Table Top Tsar

Avid board game and other table top gamer. Love to read.


April Crockett (2 KP)


Mom of 2 adult children, love movies, music, arts n crafts, addicted to logic puzzles. Love games,...