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Sarah (5272 KP)

Daydreamer, Film Geek & Book Worm

I'm an avid reader and huge film geek with a Cineworld Unlimited card, albeit with very discerning...

Last Active: Jan 28, 2020 - 5:17 PM

Charlotte Ozanne (96 KP)

Lover of all things arty... except actual art.

I am 21 years old. I have always considered myself a bit of a film buff and have loved reading from...

Last Active: Jan 20, 2020

Robert Wolstenholme (1 KP)


I like to play games with my friends and I am always looking for new gamers to play.

Last Active: May 23, 2019

Taylor Cattes (6 KP)

Intellectual On An Adventure

I am a young individual on the journey of life. I am looking to find new adventures and things to...

Last Active: May 28, 2019

John Crowson (2 KP)

Man of Leisure, Talker of Rubbish

Hi, Keen reader, watcher and player. Always happy to try a new book, watch a new series or play a...

Last Active: May 29, 2019

Doug (2 KP)

Board game guy

Just a regular guy that happens to like board games

Last Active: Jun 23, 2019

Craig Allan (52 KP)

Procrastinating gamer

Gaming and Netflix enthusiast whilst procrastinating from my PhD.

Last Active: Oct 28, 2019