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Eric Sanford (3 KP)

Netflix Watcher, Tabletop Gamer

I like watching Netflix and playing tabletop games.

Last Active: Apr 18, 2019

Steph (468 KP)

Book Wyrm

I'm a college professor who loves gaming, reading, writing, and more!

Last Active: Oct 20, 2020

MachineDogg (19 KP)

Big geeky geek

I'm a life long gamer (video gamer, war gamer, board gamer, card gamer...the lot) who find himself...

Last Active: Nov 22, 2020

Carlton Reece (37 KP)

Game geek

Avid gamer, whether board based, video based or tabletop RPG I can't get enough of games

Last Active: Dec 5, 2019

Gitchegumi (28 KP)

Military gamer nerd

I like to spend my free time playing games and trying new things. You're never too old to geek out!

Last Active: Sep 1, 2019

Oliver Hopkins (4 KP)


Fave game - TALISMAN! Fave video game - SKYRIM!

Last Active: Jul 18, 2019

Adam Hilgefort (5 KP)

Love playing board games and RPGs.

Last Active: Aug 17, 2019

Jordan Binkerd (565 KP)

Bookworm, Gamer, & Movie Buff

I love new stories and worlds to explore, whether on the page or the screen. Someday I might even...

Last Active: Feb 7, 2020