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Ray (1 KP)

Game store owner

We are a Mom and Pop game store in San Antonio TX. We try to carry a wide variety of games. Always...


Murchman (3 KP)

Collector of many plastics

I like a many thing and I shall review those thing


Scott (2 KP)

Jack of all genres

I am an engineer by trade but a game, music, TV, book fan the rest of the time. I love getting into...


Alex (3 KP)


I enjoy theme parks, games, and movies. I would always prefer to have game night instead of...


Steph (86 KP)

Book Wyrm

I'm a college professor who loves gaming, reading, writing, and more!


Luckadoo (1 KP)

Table Top Tsar

Avid board game and other table top gamer. Love to read.


MachineDogg (3 KP)

Big geeky geek

I'm a life long gamer (video gamer, war gamer, board gamer, card gamer...the lot) who find himself...


Chris Lore (1 KP)

Major geek

I am a devoted husband, a father of 3, and I have many hobbies. I like to work with computers and...