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Larry Eisner (1401 KP)

Lover of Jesus, joker, fan of sloth.

I take people seriously, I don’t take life so seriously. Jack of all trades and master of none.


Iain Lewis (2 KP)

Gaming nerd

So im a small time youtuber (well working on it) and big time gamer and techie, was trained not sure...


Laura Turner (4 KP)

Book Dragon

Hi I’m Laura from the Lake District and I review books for fun


Rosealinea (450 KP)

Poet, Total book worm, Gamer and Music lover.

Poet, spoken vocalist, former model. Underground music promoter. Music lover. Amateur actress....


Robert Lindsay (9 KP)

Blues Punk Degenerate

Disgruntled Ex - Projectionist. Movie watcher, TV digester, Tabletop antagonist, Unhinged rock n...