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Marty Glover (245 KP)

Book worm, Movie Buff, YouTube watcher

30 something father of 2, love Movies, Books and watching youtube.

Last Active: Feb 25, 2020

Bobby Davis (141 KP)

Personality Critic

Cancer warrior. Student of the human reaction.

Last Active: Mar 23, 2020

Neil Goddard (3 KP)

Writer & Musician

Nihilist, Cosmic Indifferentist, misanthrope, barrel-of-laughs-on-a-daily-basis. I have two twitter...

Last Active: Feb 27, 2020

Frank Hinley (94 KP)

Honesty is the best policy

40 Year Old, dad of 4. Who speaks his mind.

Last Active: May 18, 2020