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Fritz Maple (15 KP)

Movie Lover

I love watching movies and have a massive film collection. I love several different genres of music...

Last Active: Nov 18, 2020

MadyKate (400 KP)

Book Worm//Stay at Home Mom

Book worm and video gamer Happy mother of one beautiful girl Always looking for a new book to read

Last Active: Apr 3, 2020

Sophie (38 KP)

Bookworm, movie buff and game nerd

28, aspergers, chronic illness fighter, owner of four dogs, and teddy bear maker

Last Active: Jan 8, 2020

David Mallon (3 KP)

Sci-Fi gamer and sports enthusiast

Here for the freebies staying for the craic

Last Active: Jan 18, 2020

Sykera19 (1 KP)

Gamer Geek

My interests include gaming, streaming, writing, watching TV, listening to music and ultimately...