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Shelbykins.blu (5 KP)

Self Proclaimed Movie Buff

Hey, I'm Shelby. I love going to the movies and reading so I thought hey why not try out this app!


Egmike84 (1 KP)

Entertainment Guru

I'm an ultimate movie and TV person. I can almost always tell you who the actors or actresses are...


KerrChung (36 KP)

Stuperhero, nurse, nerd, bookworm and movie buff.

Vegan nurse manly music man


BankofMarquis (460 KP)

Film junkie, baseball fan

Avid watcher of films - but not a "film snob". Like a wide range of films from "Oscar fare" and ...


Ashden (4 KP)

Gamer, geek, artist, and all around adventurer

Just a small town guy that likes to go on adventures whenever possible, but if I can't then I find...


Hobbescw5 (2 KP)

Marvel Mom

Divorced, Butch Mom of two boys, 10 and 8 yrs old. We love Harry Potter, X-Men and Heroes, with...