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Marie C Na (17 KP)

Non-Fiction Booklover, Baker & Podcast Enthusiast

Baking & Cookbook addict. Love for Non-Fiction, children's books & Board Games. The Rum&Coke Girl...

Last Active: Oct 1, 2019

Tony MacDonald (10 KP)

Movie buff

30 year old movie geek. Love a thriller movie. Tarantino, Nolan and and Fincher are my directorial...

Last Active: Oct 23, 2019

365Flicks (217 KP)


A 30 something Podcaster that never stopped believing that movies where his escape

Last Active: Dec 14, 2019

Megs (19 KP)

Book worm, Movie lover, Music listener

Mum of 3 love reading watching movies and listening to music looking to discover more books to read...

Last Active: Nov 27, 2019