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Lorrie (378 KP)


I love knitting and can often be found sitting in my favorite chair knitting away for my knitting...


Shelbykins.blu (5 KP)

Self Proclaimed Movie Buff

Hey, I'm Shelby. I love going to the movies and reading so I thought hey why not try out this app!


NaomiB (3 KP)

Drama, War, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Biography are just some of my favorite genres of movies. I...


M0v134ss4ss1n (3 KP)

Movie Assassin

I LOVE movies and I watch movies ALL the time, Im very Eclectic when it comes to movie just as I am...


Charlie (19 KP)

Lover of books, films and music

Book worm, and movie lover. Addicted to buying books, always have music on and regular movie goer. ...


Lenard (61 KP)

Pop Culture Connoisseur

All I want to do is watch movies in the cinema, but I need to find work to afford my movie plan...


Karmaqueen84 (5 KP)

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek. I can usually be found in a corner with knitting needles...


KerrChung (36 KP)

Stuperhero, nurse, nerd, bookworm and movie buff.

Vegan nurse manly music man


BankofMarquis (484 KP)

Film junkie, baseball fan

Avid watcher of films - but not a "film snob". Like a wide range of films from "Oscar fare" and ...