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iamsara (128 KP)

Reading gaming Mum

I am a Mum. I love to read and play simulation and Lego games. I enjoy watching movies and tv...

Last Active: Sep 15, 2019

TheDefunctDiva (272 KP)

Former Performer

I was a music and theatre major back in the day (before dinosaurs roamed the earth). I enjoy...

Last Active: Nov 26, 2020

Phillip McSween (721 KP)

Film Lover

Movies are awesome and can do a number of things in short amount of time from inspiring you to...

Last Active: Nov 18, 2020

Andy K (10575 KP)

Movie Jedi

I am a true cinephile. I own over 3000 DVDs and hope to never stop watching. There is not one genre...

Last Active: Nov 28, 2020

Katie Loves Movies (132 KP)

Big Screen Addict

Movie and TV junkie who loves nights in with fondue and films. Sometimes hapless, always outspoken. ...

Last Active: Nov 6, 2019

Dianne Robbins (1341 KP)

As sweet as southern iced tea.

My interests are reading, watching dramas - especially medical, period, or British, listening to...

Last Active: Nov 27, 2020

sarah smedley (301 KP)


love reading and watching movies of any type.

Last Active: Apr 30, 2020

T Money (9 KP)

Books and Movies and Music, Oh My!

I like to read. I like to watch movies. I like to listen to music.

Last Active: Jun 19, 2019

Justin Gough (23 KP)

Movie buff

Movies, walking

Last Active: Sep 10, 2019

Lucas (5 KP)

High School Student

High schooler that loves movies and quirks like to maybe produce movies one day.

Last Active: Jun 22, 2020