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Emma (3 KP)


I'm emma,I've always loved reading, any genre but only non fiction if it's something I love. I also...


Chloe (169 KP)

Book worm

I currently study history at university I'll be posting about a lot of random stuff so add me cause...


amlasley (0 KP)

Professional paranormal book lover

I'm a mom and grandma to the best kids !


pad75 (2 KP)

movie geek , love action and sci-fi , collect horror books and terry pratchett.


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Movie Buff, Avid TV Watcher, Netflix, Prime

I have always been into movies and TV. I have a Cinema Pass, Sky Movies, Netflix and Prime enough...


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super nerd

I'm 32, married, I have 4 little mini nerds, a wife in nerd training 🤣. I love everything from...


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Tv buff movie buff

So I'm 29 and I love movies and TV I really hope to be able to help people with my reviews


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Movie & TV lover

Like all things sc-fi & fantasy. Can't beat a good comic or comic book adaption on the big or...