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Zach Smith (62 KP)

Nationally Registered Advanced EMT

A true film reviewer, I will give you honest feedback as to what I love about the film and what can...

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Wendy Jo (37 KP)

Curious Student

Student but lost with what to do with an education. Happy when I read. Happier when I'm lost in a...

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K. A. James (7 KP)

Ambivalent Soul

Hello! I was going to put "reading" as an interest, but figured that was a give in. Other than...

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Charlie Cobra Reviews (811 KP)

Movie Buff, TV Guru, and Video Game Fanatic

​Charlie Cobra Reviews is a pop culture news and entertainment entity. Our purpose is to inform...

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tvnut (2 KP)


im 30 i love movies and tv and really hope i can help people

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disneymusicnerd (172 KP)

Music nerd/disney fan

I'm a disney loving music teacher from London!

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tvnut (3 KP)


I'm 30 i love movies and hope I can help people

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