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Wendy Jo (37 KP)

Curious Student

Student but lost with what to do with an education. Happy when I read. Happier when I'm lost in a...

Last Active: Mar 6, 2019

Zach Smith (47 KP)

Nationally Registered Advanced EMT

A true film reviewer, I will give you honest feedback as to what I love about the film and what can...

Last Active: Jan 27, 2020 - 5:53 AM

Chris Sawin (148 KP)

Writer. Film critic. Moose thrower.

Writer. Infrequent artist. Music lover. Animation and anime admirer. Fan of Godzilla and Dragon...

Last Active: Nov 3, 2019

tvnut (3 KP)


I'm 30 i love movies and hope I can help people

Last Active: Oct 10, 2019

Sean Horton (3 KP)

Sitcom Superstar

I spend half the night trying to pick what to watch and wonder why I don't watch more movies.

Last Active: Oct 18, 2019

RyzorGick (42 KP)

Game & Film Overthinker... Irn Bru Connoisseur

Hi I tend to over think about films and games I really like so this seems like a good place to put...

Last Active: Nov 16, 2019