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Vlurple_Blueberry (4 KP)

Video Game and Book Enthusiast

Loves reading about broken societies and shooting stuff in the face. Some times I draw and paint...


p3anut (13 KP)

super nerd

I'm 32, married, I have 4 little mini nerds, a wife in nerd training 🤣. I love everything from...


Sue (157 KP)

Movie Buff

Movie buff, bookworm, introvert, nerd, comic book reader, Netflix, cartoon obsessed, Marvel films...


Zach Smith (18 KP)

Nationally Registered Advanced EMT

A true film reviewer, I will give you honest feedback as to what I love about the film and what can...


Wendy Jo (37 KP)

Curious Student

Student but lost with what to do with an education. Happy when I read. Happier when I'm lost in a...


Jamie Holmes (6 KP)

Jack of all Trades, Master of none

Film student. Love watching films and TV and Gaming. Interested in all aspects of life. I never miss...