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DaveySmithy (87 KP)

Purveyor of exquisite entertainment

Star Wars fanboy and sci-fi geek-out merchant. Looking for movies I don't yet know about and other...


Ross (1418 KP)

Avid reader of fantasy, dad of 3, Funko collector

I read at every opportunity (which is generally while on the toilet, when running kids' baths, on...


Wendy Jo (37 KP)

Curious Student

Student but lost with what to do with an education. Happy when I read. Happier when I'm lost in a...


Little Ray Of Sunshine (41 KP)

Book Worm, Gamer, Movie & TV Buff

Zoe here, I blog as Little Ray of Sunshine I blog about books, films, TV, Lifestyle & Beauty. I...


Frank Mineo (2 KP)

Martin Scorsese of movie watching

You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me, I'm a rebel, a loner...


Mary (5 KP)

Book fanatic

Reading watching TV spending time with partner


Jewels (96 KP)

Busy Mom

Busy wife and mom of 7 that needs more hours in a day. Read whenever I can find a few spare minutes,...


Jules (9 KP)

Cat loving Hufflepuff

Cats, books, films, space and gigs are my favourite things


Midge (525 KP)

The Happy Book Worm

I'm a book hoarder (ebooks and real books), from the U.K. I grew up reading Enid Blyton. I'm a...


Kate (280 KP)

Lover of box sets - sci-fi and fantasy

Housewife, Mother, Part time Employed


Sarah (2 KP)

Craft read movies TV Podcasts board games Zelda

I'm a busy mom to 4 unique and amazing teenagers. I enjoy reading any and all sorts of books,...


Ashley (5 KP)

Mom. Wife.

I would love to be able to stay at home with my babies. There are things I would love to do, and I...