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Rosealinea (589 KP)

Poet, Total book worm, Gamer and Music lover.

Poet, spoken vocalist, former model. Underground music promoter. Music lover. Amateur actress....

Last Active: Sep 13, 2020

MJSmitten (90 KP)

Early thirties, living in South Wales. I work in a local hospital and enjoy mundane things like...

Last Active: Jun 9, 2020

Tika (4 KP)

Book nerd

Book nerd, collect Stephen king novels. Love horror movies and anything horror related ?. Will...

Last Active: Jul 10, 2019

Adele Barnett King (24 KP)

Jack of All Trades

I’m a mother and enjoy outdoors, movies, reading.

Last Active: Jun 3, 2019

Sophie McLellan-Ward (26 KP)

Loving lots in life

Chilled out person who loves to do different things, not the typical book worm nor movie buff

Last Active: Sep 12, 2019

Laura Turner (35 KP)

Book geek

I love books, I have so many waiting to be read but every time I go in a shop I find myself drawn to...

Last Active: Sep 9, 2019