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Sheridan (186 KP)

Nerdy Fangirl

Mother of two and all round geek ;)

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BobbieBomber (1155 KP)

Unapologetic Bibliophile & Binge Watcher

It's rare to see me without some kind of book in my hand or music playing in my ears. I can lose...

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Cerberus82 (7 KP)

An adventurous souls seeks adventure!

I'm a gamer at heart, enjoy films of all kinds and genres, a nerd and a true lover of rock and roll....

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Gilles (602 KP)

Comics fan

I'm a huge comics fan

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Versusyours (726 KP)


Posdcaster and nostalgia renagade. Wished the word smelt more like charity shops and the 1970s.

Last Active: Jan 20, 2020

Lee Winter (8 KP)

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Otway93 (316 KP)

Harsh-but-fair Critic.

I'm a 26 year old movie lover from the UK, with a love for movies from all over the world, from...

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