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VenusBloo (4 KP)

Book Worm & Gamer Girl

I'm a huge nerd that loves reading, watching TV and movies, and playing video games. I generally...

Last Active: Aug 12, 2019

Tracy (220 KP)

Books and Horror Movies are my thing.

I like books and movies that scare me and weird me out. When I need a break from that, I usually...

Last Active: Feb 3, 2020

Caffeinated Fae (464 KP)

Book Faery

Overly caffeinated Ravenclaw who is obsessed with all things coffee, glitter, photos & books.

Last Active: Mar 18, 2020

Fred (756 KP)

Starfleet Jedi

Sometimes, I don't have a popular opinion. But I always have the right one.

Last Active: Jul 4, 2020

Grumpy Goblin (110 KP)

Board gamer and general geek

I work as a CG/VFX artist and am a massive animal lover, tabletop gamer and graphic novel fanatic. ...

Last Active: Aug 5, 2019