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Shannon (0 KP)

Book worm

Book worm, video game novice, over all geek. Married with 2 kids and studying at university as...


Sam (59 KP)


Absolute binge watcher of Netflix, read when I can, often downloading new games on my phone


KittyMiku (45 KP)

Book Worm

As a mother of a daughter, I find myself limited to what I can do. But thankfully she naps and...


Fred (286 KP)

Starfleet Jedi

Sometimes, I don't have a popular opinion. But I always have the right one.


Madbatdan82 (112 KP)

Movie, video game and comic book geekage!

I am passionate about many things and luckily they're all in here. Love all things horror and all...


Matt (34 KP)

Gamer, Book Worm, Comic Fan

Middle ages comic, book, video game, music, and movie fan.


Elizatay11 (1 KP)

Book junkie

I am from the United States. I have always loved reading books and I probably always will. You could...