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David (401 KP)

Part time book worm and sci-fi fan

Love reading books, watching films and TV shows mainly in the sci-fi, fantasy genres but try to...


Alysha (6 KP)

Pre med

I have just finished my a levels and will be going into medicine, I watch a lot of films and read a...


Yoshi (36 KP)

Faerie goth, bibliophile, and general nerd

Hi there! Yoshi here! I'm an engineering major, ex band geek, and general nerd. I love elves,...


Nastasia (114 KP)

Book Worm, Movie Fan & Gamer

Game Programmer at day writer, book reader, video game player and movie watcher at night.


HString (60 KP)

Movie mad and book bonkers??

Cineworld unlimited member watching roughly two films per week. Constant reader. HP, Belgariad,...


Shannon (0 KP)

Book worm

Book worm, video game novice, over all geek. Married with 2 kids and studying at university as...


Sam (59 KP)


Absolute binge watcher of Netflix, read when I can, often downloading new games on my phone


Carrie (17 KP)

Book worm and movie lover!

I’m a mum to my little boy, I love reading, watching movies and spending time with my family!