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David (669 KP)

Part time book worm and sci-fi fan

Love reading books, watching films and TV shows mainly in the sci-fi, fantasy genres but try to...

Last Active: Mar 29, 2020

Kimberly Michelle Endsley (7 KP)

International Reader Extraordinaire

Avid reader of all genres (except extreme horror), mom to 5 beautiful girls, Grammy to 4 precious...

Last Active: Sep 2, 2019

mmb02191 (80 KP)

Book Worm

I really love reading! I am an English teacher!

Last Active: Oct 22, 2019

Rebekah Palmer Pierce (225 KP)

Loving life

Love audiobooks, cooking, movies and pets

Last Active: Sep 14, 2019

Alanna (227 KP)

Little Book and Video Game Nerd

Lover of Video games and books

Last Active: Sep 28, 2019

TeeHi (11 KP)

Prolific Reader / Writer

I'm still shy @ my age, but a real whacko once I get to know you.

Last Active: Nov 3, 2019

Caffeinated Zombie (1645 KP)

Horror addict, zombie and neuroscience enthusiast

Zombie and Neuroscience enthusiast.

Last Active: Apr 4, 2020 - 12:00 AM