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David (401 KP)

Part time book worm and sci-fi fan

Love reading books, watching films and TV shows mainly in the sci-fi, fantasy genres but try to...


Alysha (6 KP)

Pre med

I have just finished my a levels and will be going into medicine, I watch a lot of films and read a...


Nikki (2 KP)

Metalhead bookworm

I have always loved to read. There is hardly a time when i dont have my nose in a book. Metal music...


Becs (109 KP)

Bookworm and artist

I love all genres of books, food/cooking, and animals.


Fred (286 KP)

Starfleet Jedi

Sometimes, I don't have a popular opinion. But I always have the right one.


amlasley (0 KP)

Professional paranormal book lover

I'm a mom and grandma to the best kids !