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Alysha (6 KP)

Pre med

I have just finished my a levels and will be going into medicine, I watch a lot of films and read a...


Yoshi (36 KP)

Faerie goth, bibliophile, and general nerd

Hi there! Yoshi here! I'm an engineering major, ex band geek, and general nerd. I love elves,...


Frecklesxoxo (6 KP)

Book worm, movie lover

I have a super geeky family, we love all movies but especially into star wars and marvel.. my...


c0ur7n3y (7 KP)

Dabbler of Various New Things

I love animals and have a Chihuahua named Bella. I like surfing the web and trying new and apps and...


TheDefunctDiva (146 KP)

Former Performer

I've always been a fan of critiques. Loved Roger Ebert, thought he was brilliant. Love movies and...


gabi (72 KP)

pop culture enthusiast

no one knows, that's how it goes