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Lenard (486 KP)

Pop Culture Connoisseur

All I want to do is watch movies in the cinema, but I need to find work to afford my movie plan...

Last Active: Mar 22, 2020

Blodwyn (108 KP)

Superpowered Supergirl

Artist, cartoonist, and comic book illustrator (for fun). Graphic design mad, and totally hellbent...

Last Active: Jun 5, 2019

Stephanie (2 KP)

Book Worm

I love all things horror, but especially books. The creepier the better!

Last Active: Jun 21, 2019

Laura Turner (4 KP)

Book Dragon

Hi I’m Laura from the Lake District and I review books for fun

Last Active: Mar 3, 2019

Harshini (25 KP)

Greek Myth Nerd

Busy uni student who still loves to read anything from The Odyssey to The Faraway Tree.

Last Active: Jan 23, 2019

Kristopher K St-pierre (452 KP)

Alternative Photographer Extraordinare

36 tattooed alternative photographer

Last Active: Apr 6, 2020

Katie Cosmonaut (784 KP)

Culture Vulture

I'm a library assistant who loves being around books and (slowly) reading them. I'm also crazy...

Last Active: Feb 29, 2020

CatW1412 (15 KP)

Bookworm/Horror Movie Fanatic

Hi, my name is Cat and I'm 19 years old. I love animals, reading, music and horror movies. Basically...

Last Active: Nov 1, 2019

Jessie Solari (8 KP)

Gamer Girl

A real gamer girl, not one of them fakes 😝 loves fallout especially fallout new Vegas, assassin...

Last Active: Nov 9, 2019

Katie (5 KP)

Book Mermaid

Books? Gryffindor❤️ Reading: Renegades ❤︎ A Caffeine dependent life-form? Shooting for...

Last Active: May 5, 2019

Amanda (6 KP)


I'm all over the place with interests. I love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking,...

Last Active: Jan 26, 2020