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Blodwyn (108 KP)

Superpowered Supergirl

Artist, cartoonist, and comic book illustrator (for fun). Graphic design mad, and totally hellbent...

Last Active: Jun 5, 2019

AX Apollo (2 KP)

loves movies, very artistic

Creative, fun and loves entertainment

Last Active: Mar 19, 2019

Drayton Kool (34 KP)

Digital Warrior

Huge fan of anything digital, gadgets, tech, internet, and pretty much everything else. Obsessive...

Last Active: Aug 23, 2019

J. L. Stowers (136 KP)


I'm a science fiction lover and author. I enjoy reading/writing as well as gardening and spending...

Last Active: Apr 6, 2019

p3anut (26 KP)

super nerd

I'm 32, married, I have 4 little mini nerds, a wife in nerd training ?. I love everything from...

Last Active: May 11, 2020

Eric Richard Craig (1 KP)

Lifelong movie addict, and online gamer.

I'm pretty much a lifelong geek and fanboy. Movies, video games, comic books, & Anime are up my...

Last Active: Mar 5, 2019

Aris092 (3 KP)

Movie Buff/Gamer/superhero Geek

I make no illusions that I'm the best. What I have are simply opinions. Anything Marvel related,...

Last Active: Jun 5, 2019