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RetroKarl (1 KP)

Avid gamer and movie watcher

A 40 something gamer and movie lover, been playing games since the 80s and still love them to this...


K. A. James (7 KP)

Ambivalent Soul

Hello! I was going to put "reading" as an interest, but figured that was a give in. Other than...


Aris092 (3 KP)

Movie Buff/Gamer/superhero Geek

I make no illusions that I'm the best. What I have are simply opinions. Anything Marvel related,...


Gamer bunnz (4 KP)

I enjoy watching tv series and get really invested in good programs, I’m enjoy watching most...


Elstree_Con (60 KP)

Fan Run Convention

We are a Film & TV convention that hold events in Elstree film Studio, home of Star Wars, Indiana...


Chad Miller (119 KP)

Movie Buff, Comic Nerd, Amateur Film Maker

I enjoy media so much. The geekier the better, but I do have an affinity for classics as well.


Joe Normand (2 KP)

Movie buff

I know a little about alot, and alot about a little.