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Chantelle M (10 KP)

Lover of sci-fi and fantasy

Avid reader and board game player. On the constant look out for cute animals and good...

Last Active: Apr 16, 2020

K. A. James (7 KP)

Ambivalent Soul

Hello! I was going to put "reading" as an interest, but figured that was a give in. Other than...

Last Active: Mar 3, 2019

Joe Normand (2 KP)

Movie buff

I know a little about alot, and alot about a little.

Last Active: Jul 2, 2019

Sam Bennett (31 KP)

Movie buff

Been watching movies all my life I have always tried to review on IMDb, but I've seen a lot more...

Last Active: Oct 11, 2019

Scott Charlton (629 KP)

Horror geek

Love watching films and watching horrors and yes they do scare me still but still love watching...

Last Active: Dec 1, 2020 - 12:00 AM