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Becky M (10 KP)

Just me

Politically aware, socially conscious, magical and diverse. There's probably some things we can talk...


Author Steven Smith (7 KP)


Fantasy Fiction Indie Author. Creator of on-going series Dragon's Reclaim. Love all things medieval...


Prassedes Ciappolino-williams (37 KP)

Nerd Artist mom

I'm disabled veteran, mother of 2. I dream of one day been an artist for a up an coming cartoon...


Rose-Marie3071 (67 KP)

Book Worm

Love lots of different things, but I primarily love anime, manga as well as fanfiction. Always...


Karmaqueen84 (5 KP)

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek. I can usually be found in a corner with knitting needles...


bazzlebrush84 (1 KP)

Movie buff. Craft lover. Pet lover.

I love animals. I find they bring such love and company. I also love to draw. It is one of my...


Caylie Skeen (3 KP)

I enjoy watching movies, reading books, playing video games, and spending time with my husband and...