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Karmaqueen84 (5 KP)

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek

Wife, mother, step mother and super geek. I can usually be found in a corner with knitting needles...


Sjmiaw (2 KP)

Book worm Alice obsessed

Books have taken over my house I still have yet to read some Love Anita Blake books and attempting...


Kristen (15 KP)

Book worm

30 something mother of one daughter. Love reading, watching movies, being a mom and crafting.


Funlovinggirlie (1 KP)

Being someone who understands

Names Jessie Lgbtq+ Rocker of. 80s 90s and alternative grudge Loves tattoos and other forms...


Sue (158 KP)

Movie Buff

Movie buff, bookworm, introvert, nerd, comic book reader, Netflix, cartoon obsessed, Marvel films...


MovieLover42 (1 KP)

Entertainment Lover

I love movies, TV, books, games, Tic Tic, and all sorts of fun.


bazzlebrush84 (1 KP)

Movie buff. Craft lover. Pet lover.

I love animals. I find they bring such love and company. I also love to draw. It is one of my...


TJBerg (3 KP)

Pop Culurist and Eclectic Arts Lover

I love movies, music, gaming, language learning, drawing, and many other things that isn't fitness...