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MovieLover42 (1 KP)

Entertainment Lover

I love movies, TV, books, games, Tic Tic, and all sorts of fun.


Funlovinggirlie (1 KP)

Being someone who understands

Names Jessie Lgbtq+ Rocker of. 80s 90s and alternative grudge Loves tattoos and other forms...


Mhordle (4 KP)

Book worm. Collector. Comic cook buff. Movie buff.

I collect DVDs, books, comic books, anything nerdy/geeky and try and go to the cinema at least once...


Nickg24 (12 KP)

Avid Movie And TV Show Watcher.

Just your normal run of the mill guy who enjoys his movies and TV shows.I worship at the alter of...


Alaina12790 (2 KP)

Hello <3

Book lover. Dog lover. Marvel and Dc lover. Shopping lover. Married. Travel lover. Cruise lover.