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Amoree Esterdahl (200 KP)

Super book fiend!

I'm a book fiend who is horribly trying to make up for all the time missed in college for leisurely...


Ivana A. | Diary of Difference (401 KP)

Book worm and Gamer

Book reviewer, gamer and blogger.


Rebecca Birdsall (3 KP)

Book worm, writer, movie lover

It's not very often you'll find me without a book in my hands!


Tom Beaulieu (2 KP)

Husband. Dad. All-around geek.

I'm just a guy.. standing in front of an app.. asking it to like me.


Meeri Phillips (21 KP)

Book worm. TV and film.

Mother of 2 grown ups and little munchkin, nursing student, keen interest in writing a book one day...