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meg (27 KP)

nerd of all trades, master of none

Stepmom, mom, reader, gardener, content devourer. I love books, podcasts, board games, card games,...


Hobbescw5 (2 KP)

Marvel Mom

Divorced, Butch Mom of two boys, 10 and 8 yrs old. We love Harry Potter, X-Men and Heroes, with...


Mariafrancesca (16 KP)


Italian based in London and working in Publishing. Book lover, cinema enthusiast, comics reader


Ross (1252 KP)

Avid reader of fantasy, dad of 3, Funko collector

I read at every opportunity (which is generally while on the toilet, when running kids' baths, on...


Dianne Robbins (561 KP)

As sweet as Southern iced tea with a bite of lemon

My interests are reading, watching dramas - especially medical, period, or British, listening to...


Jeremy Devecka (1 KP)

Movie buff, casual gamer

Father of 2 boys, movie geek (mostly comedy, action-adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and...