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Katie Cosmonaut (772 KP)

Culture Vulture

I'm a library assistant who loves being around books and (slowly) reading them. I'm also crazy...


meg (37 KP)

nerd of all trades, master of none

Stepmom, mom, reader, gardener, content devourer. I love books, podcasts, board games, card games,...


Donna C (140 KP)

Mrs Dean Winchester

Bookworm, yarn dyer, dog lover, Supernatural addict.


Frank Mineo (2 KP)

Martin Scorsese of movie watching

You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me, I'm a rebel, a loner...


Ross (1834 KP)

Avid reader of fantasy, dad of 3, Funko collector

I read at every opportunity (which is generally while on the toilet, when running kids' baths, on...


Kyle (2 KP)

Movie Buff Comedian

Long time film buff, first time comedian


Joanna Louise (7 KP)

Book worm

Avid book worm, love my fur babies, gigs, music and the sea


Spaceman300 (13 KP)

Bad Movie Fan

Some people say I have bad taste in movies, but I say you just didn't understand it lol