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meg (34 KP)

nerd of all trades, master of none

Stepmom, mom, reader, gardener, content devourer. I love books, podcasts, board games, card games,...


Sarah (2 KP)

Craft read movies TV Podcasts board games Zelda

I'm a busy mom to 4 unique and amazing teenagers. I enjoy reading any and all sorts of books,...


Dee (1 KP)

Middle Aged Tech Nerd

Not a fan of reality shows....aren't our own real lives drama enough?


Matthew Androlowicz (2 KP)


I'm an all around geek. Love books, primarily SF & horror, podcasts, movies, and video & board...


Natosha Nadiene Snider (25 KP)

Book worm

I am a mom of a 1 yr old, a wifey, and a huge hobby enthusiast. I love reading, knitting, coloring,...