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Hunter (5 KP)

Lover of most entertainment

I’m into anime, movies, many genre of music, exercising and technology. The list can keep going...


Miguel Covarrubias (57 KP)

Podcaster, writer, that one person

Co host of the Patron Saints of Pop-Culture podcast. Miguel is a former youth minister, current...


Drayton Kool (20 KP)

Digital Warrior

Huge fan of anything digital, gadgets, tech, internet, and pretty much everything else. Obsessive...


Cathy Covarrubias (13 KP)

Podcast host, and working mom

I am full time working mom, and somehow manages to squeeze in time for the podcast. I'm from...


Natosha Nadiene Snider (25 KP)

Book worm

I am a mom of a 1 yr old, a wifey, and a huge hobby enthusiast. I love reading, knitting, coloring,...