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Drayton Kool (34 KP)

Digital Warrior

Huge fan of anything digital, gadgets, tech, internet, and pretty much everything else. Obsessive...

Last Active: Aug 23, 2019

Amber Fuston (20 KP)

Book Worm

I love to read biographies, young adult, and any other books that I think I will get into.

Last Active: Jan 1, 2020

Crystal Johns (3 KP)

Working mom, book worm, movie buff, foodie

I'm a horror movie fanatic, love reading Stephen King, playing volleyball, hanging out with my...

Last Active: Feb 19, 2020

MJSmitten (90 KP)

Early thirties, living in South Wales. I work in a local hospital and enjoy mundane things like...

Last Active: Jun 9, 2020

Hunter (6 KP)

Lover of most entertainment

I’m into anime, movies, many genre of music, exercising and technology. The list can keep going...

Last Active: Jun 3, 2019