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Smiffy (20 KP)

The one that watches too much animation

An enjoyer of life and good food! Father of one and busy because of it!

Last Active: May 22, 2019

Corey Richard Bennett (10 KP)

Gamer Book Movie Buff

Just a dude with an opinion, we all got one, just like writing mine down and letting you read them.

Last Active: Jul 20, 2019

Gavin Amabile (2 KP)

Average consumer

I wnjoy watching all genres of movies, playing video games and watching wrestling

Last Active: Jul 20, 2019

Robert Schwabe (3 KP)

Me, myself, and all of my lovely opinions.

This is a story about a random guy, doing random things, with random thoughts, random ideas, making...

Last Active: Apr 13, 2019