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Alan C. (3 KP)

Movie nerd

I love all type of movies. Horror, Sci-Fi and Action are my favorites, but i love all types.


Andrew Kennedy (52 KP)

Movie Reviewer

Love reviewing movies especially horror. Will write reviews as I watch stuff.


Jenn C (321 KP)

Entertain Me

Give me a book, a movie, a TV show or a fanfic and I’m happy.


Miguel Covarrubias (118 KP)

Podcaster, writer, that one person

Co host of the Patron Saints of Pop-Culture podcast. Miguel is a former youth minister, current...


Jeremy Devecka (5 KP)

Movie buff, casual gamer

Father of 2 boys, movie geek (mostly comedy, action-adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and...


Egmike84 (3 KP)

Entertainment Guru

I'm an ultimate movie and TV person. I can almost always tell you who the actors or actresses are...


Jack Burney (1 KP)

Movie Buff, Comic Nerd, Bookworm, Avid TV Viewer

Lover of all things media, more specifically film! I live for the movies, breathe video games,...