A Cure For Everything: A Vampire Novella

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A Cure For Everything: A Vampire Novella

2022 | Paranormal

Never get sick.

Never get old.

It’s great being a vampire…

If you can afford it.

Millie has terminal cancer. She is about to lose everything. Her husband, her friends—and, more devastating, her children.

She’s desperate to have a few more years to watch them grow. Graduate. Watch them fall in love.

But there is a cure. A radical procedure to beat this awful disease.

Become a vampire…

But with the extortionate cost of drugs to preserve your humanity, to keep you from turning feral, the transition is a luxury reserved for the rich and powerful.

The price for another ten years of life isn’t beyond Millie’s budget. Re-mortgage the house. Cut back on holidays and non-essentials. For her beloved children, it’s a sacrifice that’s worth the astronomical debt.

However, the true cost might be higher, more disturbing, than Millie could ever imagine.

Published by Different Cloud Publishing

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