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A Pinky Promise

2022 | Contemporary | LGBTQ+ | Romance | Science Fiction/Fantasy

Environmental science student Creena Arbre likes warm baths and fluffy slippers. Oh, and she also wants to save the planet. When a once-in-a-lifetime job on a tropical island comes up, she eagerly packs her parrot flip-flops and sets off.

Expecting cocktails with tiny umbrellas and singing at dawn, Creena isn’t at all prepared to be stranded in the middle of the ocean on an island supposedly haunted by tree spirits!

During her time on the island, Creena finds hidden strengths she didn’t know she possessed, and unusual ways of making friends. She even makes a scientific discovery about trees the world would love to know.

If she feels a little chilly at night, that’s only to be expected—everyone wants someone to snuggle with at the end of the day. And if she starts talking to the turtles, it’s no different than any pet owner—right?

Despite Creena’s strength and resilience, the cracks start to show.

Right on cue, redhead Gelly Grint zooms in on a rescue boat, bringing the promise of home, food, and everything Creena has missed. They soon get acquainted, and the island starts to look like a lover’s paradise.

What of Creena’s research? Can she do what she came for?

Some promises can never be broken.

Published by NineStar Press

Edition Kindle
Language English

Castaway Environment New Adult Romance FF

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