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As its name indicates, HOT TRUTH or DARE is a "hot” version of the celebrated game “Hot or Truth".

The rules are simple : players have answer questions or perform tasks.

Entirely configurable and personalisable, HOT TRUTH or DARE owes its success to its gameplay.


Version 2.0 takes your requests into consideration, some of which include:
- personalisable interface
- backup of your terms
- new possibilities in the game
- direct access to all parameters during the game
- stopwatch
- etc.

This new version is also adapted to the Retina display of the iPad 3.


- unlimited number of players
- addition or deletion of a possible player during the game
- exact profile of each players
- configuration of affinities between players
- personalized avatar with a camera


- taking the gender and sexual orientation of each player into consideration
- actions and forfeits that sometimes have a bearing on other players depending of the respective affinities
- use of the camera for some terms
- stopwatch for certain actions forfeits
- possibility to modify or delete terms proposed by default (more than 600)
- adding your personal terms
- choice of term bases used in the game
- search engine to facilitate modifications
- online backup of terms
- sharing your terms on your entire iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod)


- 5 levels (from soft to hard)
- selection of the levels depending the partners and the desired atmosphere
- modification of possible levels during the game
- indication of the number of players rejecting any action or forfeit with respect to another player


- designation of players
- choice of terms
- use of the camera in the terms
- authorized accessories
- forfeits
- scores
- desktop background
- parental control


- permanent access to scores (if they are activated)
- share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Published by MIDI MOINS UNE
Developed by Midi Moins Une
Certificate 17+
Languages English, French
Compatibility iPhone, iPad, iPod

Images And Data Courtesy Of: MIDI MOINS UNE.
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