The Adventures of Basil and Moebius: Volume 4: The Fate of All Fools

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The Adventures of Basil and Moebius: Volume 4: The Fate of All Fools

2016 | Fiction & Poetry

This is it -- the culmination of dozens upon dozens of hair-raising, pulse-pounding, globe-trotting adventures, wherein the titular duo of scoundrel thieves finally get the answers they've been looking for! Having pursued and acquired countless fabled and powerful artifacts from around the world in service to their other-worldly benefactor, known only as The Collector, Basil and Moebius come face to face with the perpetrator of the timeless conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of reality! Puzzle pieces from every adventure to date fall into place, assembling a scenario more dangerous than anything they've faced before! Fortunately, the boys have learned a thing or two along the way...Concluding the epic series that spans four full-length graphic novels, a dozen prose short stories by fan-favorite sci-fi authors such as Timothy Zahn and Richard Lee Byers, and an award-winning live action short film staring Ray Park (Star Wars, GIJoe), Zachary Levi (Chuck, Thor), and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange)!

Published by Magnetic Press

Edition Unknown
ISBN 9781942367086
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