Aldabas: Doors of Cartagena

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Aldabas: Doors of Cartagena

2021 | Card Game

In Cartagena, Colombia, the doors speak. Not with words, but with the grandiose knockers that adorn them. In Spanish colonial times, the knockers announced your job and your social status with the design and detail. Lions, lizards, sea creatures, and hands proclaimed the homes' occupants as soldiers, nobles, fishermen, and clergy.

Aldabas is a puzzley tableau-builder in which you you seek to fill your neighborhood with the most influential citizens. On each turn, players will take actions to build their neighborhood or increase their wealth. Clever placement will unlock bonuses, but only if you build in the right way.

Those who keep the best company (and the fullest coffers) will surely be held in highest regard.

—description from the publisher

No. of Players 1-4
Playing Time 30-45 min
Age 13+
Mechanics Hand Management
Designer Nathaniel Levan, Joshua J Mills
Artist Josh Cappel, Juan David Vargas
Publisher Grand Gamers Guild

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