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An American Conspiracy

2022 | Thriller

"Secrets are the fuel that keeps this city burning. I thought I could play the game better than anyone...but I was wrong."

When Representative Madison Gladstone's first term in Congress is interrupted by the shocking suicide of her longtime mentor, she won't rest until she discovers the reasons behind his death. Pursuing answers, Madison partners with an enigmatic FBI agent who harbors his own agenda.

As the investigation continues a cryptic message emerges that forces Madison to put her career and life on the line. Coordinated terrorist attacks by a mysterious cabal are pushing the global economy into a downward spiral. When escalating worldwide crisis brings Madison face-to-face with a frightening operation that hits perilously close to home-will she be forced to make a disturbing choice that will alter the world order?

Twists, turns, crisis, and intrigue, An American Conspiracy portrays a gripping inside view of the shocking political culture of Washington, DC. Encounter the murky depths of corruption that compose the business of politics in this riveting novel.

thriller political thriller

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