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A D&D 5th edition adventure recorded and released as a podcast. Which description, while being accurate, cannot possibly describe the inventiveness, insanity, hilarity, confusion, "mischievous gay energy" (yes, that's an in-joke, so listen, because it's awesome), and brilliant chemistry between the cast of this pod. Not only is it fun to listen to, but you can tell how much fun the cast had creating their characters, inventing their back-stories, and finally letting them loose on poor, innocent, undeserving Thirithia.
Whether you're an old hand at D&D; you think it's reserved for weird, spotty nerds rolling dice in cobwebbed corners, hiding from jocks; you believe it is for summoning satanic forces and gets kids to chop their mates' heads off when they finally, inevitably lose the plot; or you've never heard of it, definitely give Arcs a try. I can pretty much guarantee it's not exactly what you're expecting.
But it is really, really funny.

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