Bambi (1942)

1942 | Animation | Classics | Family

69 mins

A fawn named Bambi joins his new friends, a young rabbit named Thumper and a skunk kit named Flower in happily exploring the woods. Bambi is captivated with a young doe named Faline, and he learns from his doting mother and his father -- the Great Prince of the Forest -- that besides the delights of the forest, there is danger in open meadows where hunters can see them. Though fear and tragedy touch Bambi's life, another spring brings renewal.

Produced by RKO Radio Pictures
Director David Hand, Samuel Armstrong and Paul Satterfield
Writer Larry Morey
Cast Bobby Stewart, Paula Winslowe, Paul Behn, Peter Behn, Cammie King, Stan Alexander, Hardy Albright and Donnie Dunagan

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