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Diary "Weekly Planner"

Productivity | Business


Weekly Planner – your paper diary has become an application!

What distinguishes it from most electronic organizers is that it has no functions, which are not typical for your paper friend. In the Weekly Planner, you will not find complicated data entry mechanisms (you enter everything in ordinary text-typing mode) or cumbersome synchronizations with multiple calendars.

The main mode is week view - most convenient and observable time period for planning. With just a single click, you can change to day view and make all the entries you need. You can easily edit and delete them.

Weekly Planner allows you to:

- select a design you like and change it as often as you wish;
- select the most convenient font for use with your device;
- select the language, irrespective of the main language of your device;
- easily make and check entries for months and years back and forth;
- easily make any entries repeat: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

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