Disney Shadowed Kingdom

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Disney Shadowed Kingdom

2020 | Card Game | Deduction | Memory

In the two-player co-operative card game Disney Shadowed Kingdom, you enlist the help of your favorite Disney hero and team up with a friend to dispel the Shadow polluting The Kingdom and journey to discover lost Magic.

Gameplay revolves around silently adding cards face-down to a 2x2 grid in one of two directions, causing cards to be pushed either into the hand of your partner for discovery or out of the grid completely, dispelling them from play. Each card that is discovered features either:

Magic, which counts toward points needed for victory
Shadow, which inches you further from your goal
Locations that are explored, triggering in-game effects

Disney heroes provide special powers that can be activated throughout the course of your journey. To win, max out your Magic Tracker before the Shadow Tracker is full.

—description from publisher

No. of Players 2
Playing Time 15 min
Age 8+
Mechanics Co-operative Play, Memory
Designer Darth Rimmer, Dusty Watkins, Travis Watkins
Artist Marcel Mercado
Publisher Mondo Games
Amazon ASIN B08GNH7P5Q

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