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Dogo Dash

2019 | Animals | Card Game | Party Game | Print & Play

Dogo Dash is a fun and colorful card game for 2 to 5 players based on rock paper scissors but with some furry plot twists. Recommended for everyone, from kids to drunk people. Playtime is around 10 minutes, including explaining the rules.

How to play:

Assemble the players. Shuffle the cards and distribute 4 to each player. The players choose one card and show at the same time. The strongest card wins! One card = one point. Keep filling up the hands and playing rounds until the stack is empty. At the end, the player who collected more points, wins!

Strength of the cards:

Cookie wins against Dog and Bear
Bear wins against Dog and Cat
Dog only wins over Cat
Cat only wins over Cookie
If there is a Cat and a Cookie in the same round, Cat is the winner, whatever the other cards on the table are!
Good Boys force ties. No matter what was played, Good Boys are making everyone play another round! If Good Boys are played during a tie (a tie within a tie), then only the players in the tie keep playing.
—description from the designer

No. of Players 2-5
Playing Time 15 min
Age 5+
Mechanics Rock-Paper-Scissors, Trick-taking
Designer Talita Rhein
Artist Margherita Barrera
Publisher Tiny Crocodile Studios

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