DOUBUTSU URANAI®-Animal Fortune-

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DOUBUTSU URANAI®-Animal Fortune-

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The official version of Doubutsu Uranai(R) you all know and love is now available on your iPhone or iPod touch!

The official first edition gives you the basics. It lets you do Animal Checks and find out your Five Animals and your Animal Colors!
It also comes with a helpful guide to get you familiar with Doubutsu Uranai(R), so it's great for beginners.
This edition includes the Friends List function, so if you want to check your friends and coworkers, all you have to do is create an entry for them on your Friends List, and the next time, it's a piece of cake!

With just a date of birth, Doubutsu Uranai(R) will give you a straight diagnosis that fits that special someone's personality traits to one of the 12 animal types.
It's so spot on, you won't believe it!

**Things to check**
- Animal Check
Everyone you enter is classified into one of 12 animal types based on their birth dates.
This is Doubutsu Uranai(R)'s most-used diagnostic device, so you've got to check it out!

- Animal Colors
You can get even more details about the 12 animal types with Animal Colors!
For example, not all Fawns are the same. Fawns are further broken down into categories like Yellow Fawn and Golden Fawn, with 60 different combinations in all!

- Your Five Animals
Analyze the Primary Character, Surface Character, Ideal Character, Deciding Character, and Hidden Character inside of you!

- Compatibility Check
Just enter both of your birth dates to check your compatibility!
Are you headed for a love connection?

**Other special features**
- Your Friends List
If you want to find out about somebody's personality, all you have to do is create an entry for them on your Friends List, and the next time, it's a piece of cake!
You can create entries for up to 50 friends, and it's so convenient!
You can also change your Friends List to sort the entries by order of creation, name, or animal!

- Your My Page
If you save your own information, you can get your results without even navigating to the Get Started menu!

Published by Noracom Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Developed by Noracom Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Certificate 4+
Languages English, Japanese
Compatibility iPhone, iPod, iPad

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