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Eldritch Horror

2013 | Adventure | Book | Fantasy | Fighting | Horror

The world is on the cusp of catastrophe as an evil and ancient being begins to stir. Vicious monsters, dark cults, and indescribable horrors are wreaking havoc on every continent, while gates to other worlds tear at the fabric of the cosmos. Struggling against this impending doom are a few brave souls, diverse in background but united in their determination to save the human race. Together, you and your fellow investigators will travel throughout the world and unravel a tangle of arcane mysteries in order to prevent the end of civilization as you know it. Do you have the strength to solve the mysteries, defeat the Ancient One, and save the world?

No. of Players 1-8
Playing Time 120-240 min
Age 14+
Mechanics Co-operative Play
Designer Corey Konieczka, Nikki Valens
Artist Anders Finér, David Griffith, Ed Mattinian, Patrick McEvoy
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games

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