Elemental Claim (War of the Myth #1)

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Elemental Claim (War of the Myth #1)

2017 | Paranormal | Romance | Science Fiction/Fantasy

Emma lived her whole life believing she was a mere human, but when she’s attacked by a gang hunting creatures of the Myth, her entire existence is called into question. As she is forced to go on the run with a dangerous man, she learns that monsters are real, her twin sister has turned into a mass murderer, and despite her earth upbringing, she’s actually a bonafide descendant – a forbidden child of the gods.

Rogan is the leader of an Elv’ve’Norc team, a Mythical agency tasked with the protection of the Seven Planes. He’s on a mission to stop a sadistic vampire, bringing him into the path of Emma Sterling – the twin sister of the woman he’s most likely going to kill. And if that wasn’t enough of a romantic dealbreaker, he’ll be ordered to send Emma to stand trial, where she’ll be sentenced to life in the Myth’s highest-security prison simply because of what she is.

Edition Kindle
Language English

Paranormal Romance Fantasy

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