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Famished (Broken #2)

2018 | Erotica | Fiction & Poetry

Moms a junkie, Dad’s not dead.
After lying to me for the past twenty-one years, Mom got in too deep with her debt and had to call not-dead dad to bail her out. But wait, there’s more; not-dead dad is a biker who thinks he knows what’s best for the daughter he's never met. Agreeing to bail dear mom out for the low, low price of one grown ass adult.
So here I am in some hot as sin city with my junkie mom racking up more debt, living day to day with a needle in her arm without anyone around to make sure she’s bathed or fed. I’m sure Ricky will love the fact his favorite hostage is MIA.
Like I don’t have enough problems I’m trying to deal with.
I just need some no name to make it all go away for a little while.
I don’t need love or romance; I just want to forget.

I’m a hungry man, plain and simple.
I’ve got a bomb ass family, great job, and a f*ckable face.
Everything is perfect on the outside; it’s the inside that’s f*cked up.
People die, relationships fall apart, good people turn ugly, and others leave you in the dust. That’s life.
The only problem is when shit gets too dark, and you’re no longer able to lose yourself between some girls thighs, what the f*ck are you supposed to do?
Like I don’t have enough demons trying to claw free.
I just need to lose myself in some piece of pussy that doesn’t reek of tequila.
I don’t need love, f*ck; I don’t want it. I just want to forget.

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