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Final Challenge

2021 | Card Game | Humor | Party Game

Final Challenge is a party game so packed with action it does not have to pose as a drinking game! However, if you decide to drink while playing it please record the conversations next morning, and send them to us (we want a portion of the laugh too)!

Our seemingly harmless and colourful cards may give you a false sense of security, but after the first card is drawn you will be sent into a hectic and hilarious whirlwind of challenges. Watch your friends speak in an invented language, convince the rest of the group they are Satan himself, while someone is crying heavily for no apparent reason! And all of that while you are trying to use the force on a piece of paper, with a straight face on.

After some playing time and a couple of successfully performed challenges you may get cocky, as anyone would, which is usually when other players will use one of their special abilities to put you back in your place! It is not uncommon to get yourself in a situation where you have to perform more than one challenge simultaneously. One second you are trying to be the funniest, the next you are trying not to die of laughter because one of the players decided it was a good idea to call their mom at 3 in the morning to tell her they were arrested!
In this game you are competing to outplay everyone in a creative way and be the funniest, bravest and most resourceful. Perform the challenges successfully, delegate unwanted challenges tactically, use the active and passive abilities to your advantage and be the first to gather one of the cards of each type and unlock the Final Challenge!

Players draw a card and reads the challenge out loud. They then choose to: Perform the challenge themself, Ask for a volunteer to perform the challenge or Attack another player. If the challenge is performed successfully, the player keeps the card.

The player with the most challenge card at the end of the game wins.

—description from the publisher

No. of Players 3-6
Playing Time 15-45 min
Age 18+
Mechanics Acting/Singing, Role Playing, Set Collection, Take That, Variable Player Powers
Publisher Kerber Games

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