Flight (Voodoo Butterfly, #3)

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Flight (Voodoo Butterfly, #3)

2019 | Mystery | Paranormal | Romance

Sophie Nouveau ventures to faraway Malaysia to seek answers about why her true love, Taj, broke up with her and returned to his homeland. When she gets there, she realizes something has been haunting Taj’s kid brother. But is it mental illness or black magic?

While Sophie’s a world away, a customer claims she is poisoned by a potion from Seraphina’s House of Voodoo. As a result, the FDA shuts down Sophie’s shop pending an investigation into the incident. So she rushes back to New Orleans only to realize a traitor is at the root of all this bad mojo. That person, who’s in cahoots with Dr. Bones, wants to usurp the title of Voodoo Queen from the Papillon family line forever.

Published by Soul Mate Publishing, LLC

Edition Kindle
Language English

Paranormal Romance Mystery

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