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Ghost Town: Mystery Match Game

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Epic journey leads you in abandoned township to help the cute local characters. Exciting plot about ghosts with story dialogues, puzzle and match3 gameplay.

Adventure game starts with searching for a long-lost grandfather. Anna, brave little witch found an old magic stick unaware of it’s power. The return address on the letter will lead her in ghost town, full of mysteries. Anna unexpectedly use magic stick and magically teleport you in the city.
Help her with her journey.

Ghost town
The city is shrouded in fog and seems abandoned. But it will not be an easy walk. There are dangers and adventures at each corner. Passing the game you will learn the history of ghost town and find out who is guilty in all the troubles of the city. And afterwards clear the town of evil and drive away the magic fog.

* SIDE STORIES. If you like narrative and want more, you will like lots of the side quests that reveal all aspects of game. Every update brings new exciting stories.
* FUNNY CHARACTERS. Meet: plumber, major, evil twin, talking raccoon, beauty and the beast, princess and many many others.
* FAIRY TALE. Dive into the fantasy fable with unique characters, incredible twists of the plot and incredible magic.
* BEST FIENDS. Meet cute cartoon spirits, spooks and ghosts. Try to make friends with them.
* CRAFTING. Mix magical ingredients and craft potions, gems and other sorceress stuff.
* MATCH3. Swap and slide colorful gems to match 3 or more and solve puzzles and if you are stuck use power ups and spells. Test your matching skills with extra challenging objectives.
* SEARCH. Search items and hidden objects and collect them in halls, basements and lofts of haunted houses. FInd book, key, magic ingredients etc.
* DETECTIVE STORY. Start your investigation and solve the riddles and mystery of the ghost town.
* FIGHT. Fight evil spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants, my singing monsters, etc.

The entire game is based on the storyline. Girls like story games, so when we make games for girls we make great efforts on the story. Greatly worked out history of ghost town, its legend and myth. Added unique characters each with their own secrets and problems. Some unexpected twists and humor. And in result we got an unusual mix of comedy and drama.
Hope you like it.

Published by LLC "Webgames"
Developed by LLC "Webgames"
Certificate 4+
Languages German, English, French, Russian
Compatibility iPad, iPhone, iPod

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